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Child Care Options

There are many different types of child care and early education programs. To find out about the Licensing History of any program, you may contact the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care at 508-828-5025.

Family Child Care

Children are cared for in the home of the provider. This type of care offers a home setting, mixed-age interactions, small group sizes, and flexible hours. Providers may care for up to six children, and are licensed by the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC).

Child Care Centers

Care for larger numbers of children is provided in part- or full-day programs. Centers are organized to meet the needs of children and working families. They are typically open year-round, and offer programs to a variety of age groups. Individual child care centers may vary in terms of educational philosophy, curriculum, costs and services. These programs may be licensed by EEC or license-exempt depending on their overseeing entity.

The basic adult to child ratios allowed by licensing are: 
     - Infants: 2:7

     - Toddlers: 2:9

     - Preschool: 2:10

A program may choose to have fewer children per adult than licensing allows.

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